I Am Breaking Through

Updated: Sep 14

Have you ever been in a season where you hear Holy Spirt repeat something about your future to you over and over and over and over again?

If you have then you'll understand where I am going next.

Twenty-four days ago, I heard Holy Spirit speak something very, very clearly to me. I heard Him say, "The breakthrough is ____________. Keep going."

Every day since then, He’s spoken to me about attributes surrounding the breakthrough. In each conversation, He provides me with precise steps I need to take in my day to move closer to the said breakthrough.

There have been several days I’ve heard His instructions and haven’t wanted to do what He’s asking, but then I can feel the pressure of the breakthrough building. It’s like a hot, humid day in August in Louisiana when you know the rain is coming. You’re practically begging the clouds to let go of the rain water they’re carrying.

This past week has been interesting. Suddenly, His encouragement has been forceful. He keeps telling me to speak the breakthrough out with my mouth. "Prophesy it. Speak it into existence. Get up-close and personal with it, Amanda. The beginning stages of breakthrough are happening now, and they need your mouth and the frequency of your words to build the atmosphere up for the breakthrough’s release. The breakthrough needs you as much as you need it.”

I think I can best describe what I am feeling by comparing myself to a woman in her third trimester of pregnancy. The baby is coming. I know it. I can feel it. I can sense it. I just don’t know the specific day it will arrive. I know what season it’s coming because a due date has been given; however, I can’t predict when it will actually happen. All of that is left up to God and the timing of things as He continues to work with me every day.

And while I’ve never been pregnant, I do understand that the third trimester is the most taxing. It’s not like pressing a button and ordering a pizza. No, instead a lot of effort and eventual labor is involved in the baby breaking out of the body. The months (or in my case years) of carrying the new life have been long and exhausting. The body has changed shape and form. It’s required copious amounts of energy to grow the new life-form inside of you. Plus, once it’s arrived, the job has just begun because you’re now responsible for caring for the life you’ve grown inside of you.

Now, you might wonder, “Why is she sharing such intimate details about her life with me?” Well, I’m sharing them because I’m learning something new that I’ve missed in past seasons of significant breakthrough. I am learning that breakthrough doesn’t just happen. A lot of intense work is required. Actually, the difference between someone who breaks through and someone who does not is all found within the tenacity and perseverance to keep moving forward every moment of every single day. Laying down and wallowing in self-pity and weariness won’t cause the breakthrough to happen. Begging God to “fix it” or “speed it up,” doesn’t bust the walls down.

Instead, you have to keep following His precise steps forward every single day. And, on the days that your soul wants to quit, you must rise up in your human spirit past those thoughts and become stronger than what they are saying. You must stay above the negative opposition and the noise that would like you to stay small and give up. You must build upon the solid and secure foundation you’ve cultivated by decreeing and believing, “I am breaking through.” 🌱


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