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cultivate life: moving forward in death, life and everything in between
cultivate life book

Cultivate Life:
Moving Forward in Life, Death and
Everything In Between

What does it mean to cultivate life?

Cultivation is a supernatural process where we refine, develop, grow and mature our spirit, soul, heart and body. Would you like to learn how to become everything God designed you to be? Would you believe that refinement, development and growth will mature you to a spiritually elevated version of yourself? Join me in experiencing God's process of cultivation, as I share key moments from my life, revealing that our DNA reaches deep into the spirit. Recognizing that you are a spirit with a soul and a heart inside of a body is foundational. Let me give you an up-close, in-depth look at my experiences with moving forward in life, death and everything in between. Let me show you how to cultivate a relationship with God, and encourage you to apply His processes for living consistently and continuously to experience each stage of cultivation for the rest of your life!

Available in Paperback and Kindle on Amazon.
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