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How is God Stewarding You?

Last week I shared about some of the challenges I’ve found within stewarding favor. Since then, the topic has continued to orbit my mind. I’ve meditated on it to the extent that I know in my spirit I’ve gone about as far as I can go until Holy Spirit opens up more revelation.

In reference to what I shared, someone said, “I just finished reading your blog and it’s interesting to think about stewarding favor. It also causes me to think about how God is stewarding us!”

That last sentence… “How God is stewarding us!” I heard the entire sentence like I had never heard it before.

I started to unpack it. I started to ask Holy Spirit to show me what it meant in greater detail. Immediately I thought of a phrase my mentor said to me about seven or eight years ago. She said, “Holy Spirit is depositing so much inside of you right now. The deposit is very large.”

When she made that statement, I thought, “Hmm, I’ve never thought of that before. I’ve never considered Him depositing revelation and truth inside of me so that it can be withdrawn later. How interesting.”

Since she made that statement, I’ve become increasingly more aware of what He is depositing into me. I’ve doubled-down on what flows into my being and my environment. My focus has been so centered on what’s flowing in.

However, this comment about “God stewarding us,” really caused me to think more about the outflow.

I saw it in a different light. So often I beat myself up about where my life is versus where I hoped it would be. My soul often feels overwhelmed with the amount of revelation surrounding me. It constantly questions, “What are we doing with all of this? Surely, there is a greater purpose than what I am currently experiencing.”

But something about that phrase, “How is God stewarding us?” It really hit me. I know how to steward the wealth of so many things, but to consider God looking at the investment He’s made in us… It’s such a larger thought.

I asked Him about it. He said, "Think about your relationship with Me. Think about how it's developed and grown. Think about how it's matured as I've refined you. Now, think about the amount of wisdom, knowledge, and understanding I share with you when you listen and seek Me.

Amanda, the deposit is great. It's so great inside of you. It's so great that I don't waste it. Instead, I open up doors of opportunity for you to walk through, but they are in My timing, according to My will. I connect you to people who I know will listen to what you are sharing and absorb it with gladness in their hearts. It's a system of modality."

I said, “So, I'm stewarding what you've deposited within me with protection, care, and honor, but you're also stewarding Me... That’s a big job you have.”

He said, "Stewarding you is different than you stewarding the things I've given you. The more you come to understand your value and worth and your increasing net worth, the more you will understand why and how I steward you.

The more time you spend with Me, listening to Me and absorbing the revelation I am sharing and the way in which you can have the wisdom to apply it, the more your net worth increases from Heaven's point-of-view. You have a high net worth from Heaven's point-of-view. You need that net worth to continue to increase because you will continue to use it. I will continue to invest what's inside of you in the right places when I open doors up for you to walk through.

So, continue to see yourself as you truly are… a human spirit, made in My image, who I am constantly depositing a large amount into as you continue to spend time with Me. The more set-apart you become, the deeper your roots can grow, the more I will steward you in high places of authority when the time is best. But you must keep going."


I don’t know if that spoke to you as directly as it spoke to me, but I hope it did. There’s such a mindset change when we are reminded that God isn’t just asking us to steward what He’s given us in a responsible, respectful and timely way, but He is also doing the same WITH us! He is constantly working with Heaven for moments of opportunity that cause what He’s deposited inside of us to be poured out.


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