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A Higher Elevation

The first time I consciously remember living so spirit forward that I felt like I was levitating was the summer of 2015. Sure, there were moments before this. Like in my bedroom talking to Holy Spirit or praying, but it wasn’t like THIS experience. THIS experience was truly LIVING spirit forward.


On that bright, sunny L.A. day, I remember walking through the house I worked in. No one else was home. It was uncharacteristically quiet. Suddenly, I noticed something. I felt like I was gliding on thin air. My feet felt like they were levitating off of the ground. It was so foreign to me in that moment that I didn’t know what to do. I could see my feet on the ground, but there was this lifted feeling to my entire being that I’d only ever experienced in prayer. But this time it was inside of my workplace.


I remember texting my sister from work saying, “I feel like I’m floating around today. It’s strange, but very cool.” She responded back with, “I feel the exact same way! I don’t know how this happened or how we’ve spiritually grown, but it’s cool.”


From that point on, for several months, the floating sensation continued. I felt like I constantly levitated everywhere. I couldn’t explain it, but I knew my human spirit was so forward and present that it was leading my soul and body in such a direct way.


Today, the feeling of levitation seems like it’s kind of worn off because my soul’s grown into the reality of it. The sense of floating isn’t so obvious anymore. Instead, my soul understands, “This is just who we are. It’s the way we move and flow in life.”


I do, however, think that there are higher levels of this. I believe that each spiritual mountaintop is simply the bottom of the next mountain we are to summit because the climb never truly ends. There are always new ways to develop, grow, and mature.


In this moment, I do wonder though… Why is it that we don’t press ourselves into more when we reach the top of a spiritual mountaintop? Why do we often times sit down and say, “No more. I’ll have no more climbing. I am exhausted?”


I mean, I do believe we are created to walk into a higher elevation point than we are at right now. We are created to view life from a vantage point that is much more robust than the way we currently view it.


But that nagging desire in the soul. It always seems to say, “Nope, I’ve had enough. I don’t want to do this anymore. Actually, spirit, WE don’t want to do this anymore. Tell Holy Spirit we are finished climbing. We would rather just coast from here.”


If you’re like my spirit, she always completely tramples over my soul’s opinion. My spirit is always in the position to tell my soul, “We are going forward. Onward and upward no matter what.” Of course, sometimes, there is quite a dramatic sideshow from my soul. My soul can get super anxious and emotional when it’s triggered by past hurt and pain. Sure, the hurt and pain is gone, but my soul loves to remind my spirit that we have scars to remind us of the anxiety inducing trauma that caused the hurt and pain.


When moments like this happen, Holy Spirit and my spirit are both loud and honest when they remind my soul, “Hey soul, those are scars. Only scars. Healing and freedom took place. The traumas of the past don’t live inside of us anymore. They don’t own who we are or dictate the path of our life. We are healed and freed vessels. We can go forward and do the next challenging thing.”


So, my soul packs up the drama and decides to move along. Up the mountain side we go. Where will we end up? Who the heck knows, but we ARE going!



Recently, my soul has had a lot of anxiety. My soul hears Holy Spirit’s instructions and sees the path forward, but then examines my past wounds and scars and says, “I don’t think we can do this. This is a lot, Amanda.” But somehow, I’ve found myself going higher. I’ve embraced the reality that this is what is surely unfolding because it is part of God’s plan. So, my soul pulls it together and looks upward. It’s time to climb again!



I don’t know where you are in this moment, but I bet there is a desire in you somewhere to climb a little bit higher… to pursue a more robust and fulfilling vantage point than you have right now.


So, I want to encourage you, just like I have to encourage myself, to move forward. Do the challenging thing that causes you to develop, grow, and mature. Please, don’t allow your trauma and pain to stop you. And, if you haven’t been refined of your trauma and pain, it’s a great moment to allow Holy Spirit to refine what’s inside of you so He can heal you and free you. If you have been refined of it, don’t allow the scars of past trauma to keep you from pursuing your absolute best.


We are all created to live an elevated life. One that constantly presses us to do more and be more. One that calls us to levitate to a place where our spirit leads our entire being as it follows Holy Spirit. So, please, always keep moving forward.


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