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Collapsing Vain Fantasy Timelines

Searching for more answers to increased spiritual authority, I asked, “Holy Spirit, what do I need to submit to and overcome next?” He said, “Increased authority is granted when you lay aside more of your vain fantasies. Not the dreams I’ve given you, but the vain fantasies you’ve spun up in your head.


In this moment, I’d like you to call the vain fantasies you live from to the surface of your heart and soul for inspection. Call them up. Call them up now. Wait for them to come to the surface throughout the day. As they come up, I want you to submit them to Me.”


As I went through the next few days, I looked deeply for the vain fantasies. I waited for them to float to the surface of my heart and soul like Holy Spirit said. As I waited, a few drifted up. Of course, I felt uncomfortable as they came to the surface. I didn’t like what I was experiencing. It caused me to feel very overwhelmed.


I allowed myself to sit with them for a few days. I processed them in detail. I knew I couldn’t live with them anymore, but I didn’t know what to do.


Then someone close to me mentioned that they had been praying for a specific place inside of me to gain complete healing and freedom. I hadn’t brought this area up to this person in years, so I was surprised when they mentioned it. I asked Holy Spirit why that person brought up that topic. He said, “Well I told you to call all of your vain fantasies to the surface, and look this person has been praying for an area inside of you that some of your vain fantasies are attached too. Now you have the ability to work through this completely.


Also, you need to be released from the vain fantasy timeline. It’s a timeline you placed yourself in based around your own vain fantasies. You followed your own thoughts, emotions, dreams, and fantasies down this path and it placed you in a timeline that is really screwy.


This timeline is different than most though. It’s a timeline that sort of instigates you. It’s a timeline that always keeps you hanging. It’s a timeline with a backdrop. The backdrop is the fantasy. You waste your time on a ‘yellow brick road,’ walking towards a castle… But the entire scene is fake. So you are on this timeline that isn’t real at all and the scene is fake. It’s just there to keep you walking toward nothing. Like you’re on a treadmill, following a carrot on a stick. You just follow and think you’re going somewhere, but alas you weren’t getting anywhere at all. It was all just a vain fantasy and now you’re let down.


I want you to press harder into your human spirit this week in this area. You can start by seeing that you’re cut out of this vain fantasy timeline you’ve created. Once you’re out of it, you will see very clearly where you are going and why you are going that way.


You will experience a level of freedom you’ve never touched before. You will have clearer thoughts and a clearer mindset about who you are, but you need to get off of this ‘yellow brick road’ you got onto so many years ago.”




After He shared this with me, I thought about it in great detail. I could see how these specific vain fantasies kept my heart and soul on a pointless journey to nothing.


So, I went to the courts of Heaven, repented of my involvement with the timeline and vain fantasies, and asked that the timeline would be collapsed and then burned up.


As soon as I asked for the timeline’s collapse, I saw myself in the spirit walking on a “yellow brick road” treadmill with a backdrop of a castle behind me. Very suddenly the treadmill stopped, the backdrop collapsed, and the “yellow brick road” disappeared. I was left standing before the most enormous castle I’d ever seen. Brilliant and mystical, it just stood only steps in front of me. I asked Holy Spirit, “What is that?” He said, “That’s the truth the vain fantasy and its timeline has been trying to prevent you from reaching. It’s been so close to you all along, but your insecurities and short comings caused you to create a vain fantasy. So, you couldn’t see the truth. It’s been hidden.


The vain fantasy and its timeline also convinced you that the truth wasn’t exciting at all. Your heart and soul have lived in fear, believing, ‘If I let go of this, there will be nothing else there.’ Obviously, the vain fantasies and the timeline lied because look at the world and the castle in front of you.”


After He said this, I quickly took two or three steps and walked inside the castle.


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