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My sister and I have spent the past seven months focused on a quest…. A quest to break through into a thriving realm and reality. Most of the quest has seemed rather endless and overwhelming.

When summer arrived, the pressure and the weight of the pending breakthrough seemed to somehow get heavier and more intense inside and around me. Leaving me to constantly question, “GOD, WHEN WILL BREAKTHROUGH HAPPEN?! MY SOUL CANNOT HANDLE THE HEAT AND THE PRESSURE MUCH LONGER! IT'S TOO INTENSE!”

In my last writing, I shared my thoughts and feelings about breakthrough. I told you how I decided I would begin to prophesy it out. I decided, “I will continue to speak BREAKTHROUGH into my realm until it’s my reality.”

Fortunately, my choice to prophesy the breakthrough worked because several significant moments have triggered a serious breaking point for the breakthrough to begin.


It all started with a conversation about anointing. At the beginning of July, I kept saying out loud, “I know we are missing something. I know Satan knows something we don’t know. He has access to portions of knowledge, understanding and wisdom I need to know. I need to know what he knows that I don’t know. I need to know what he knows because whatever he knows is holding us back, and we need to move forward so that we can break through.”

A few days after that I received a video from a friend. The friend said, “I think this video about Lucifer and the anointing will interest you.” I listened to it and I was completely hooked, lapping up every single detail. I knew what I heard was the beginning of a solution for the breakthrough I’d been searching for.

Next, I checked with Holy Spirit to see if my sister and I had the full allotment of our anointing.

We did not.

So, we began to ask where it was, how it was stolen and how we could retrieve it from Satan through a court case.

In that time, I learned that the anointing is important to Lucifer because he was once THE anointed cherub in Heaven. God placed His anointing on Lucifer and then entrusted him with it to help establish the earth and the coming dominion, power and authority of humankind. The difference in an angel carrying the anointing versus humankind is humankind has been given the creativity to draw an image inside of himself/herself through imagination and then speak it out loud. Lucifer could not do this. He could only take the image and light God gave him (because he cannot reproduce his own image) and then speak that image out underneath the anointing God placed upon him. He wasn't given the creativity to produce his own picture or image like humankind can.

When Lucifer was dismissed from Heaven for the iniquity of his trade and the pride of his beauty, he lost the capability to carry the anointing. He lost the anointing in such a way that he has no other choice but to thieve it from humankind.

So, taking a case to the courts of Heaven for the full allotment of our stolen anointing has been quite pivotal for me and my sister. Now that we've regained what was stolen, we are able to move forward in a much more powerful way.


After that court case, I knew we were still missing something. Through a series of dreams, we were able to piece together the next several steps and learn that we were both missing essence.

What is essence? Essence is life. Essence is origin. We are fundamentally created from the life essence or the DNA light-wave frequency of God. When He established each one of us as a human spirit, He placed His own image or His own essence within us. That essence is life.

And get this…. According to Holy Spirit, EVERYONE of us is missing essence in some capacity. Satan has stolen it in a number of different ways. Some ways are more than we might be able to comprehend in the moment, but nevertheless, he is always out to steal essence for his own gaming system. His kingdom needs essence to thrive. He has none of his own. He must steal. He must rob. He must thieve. This is his MO.

Where can Satan steal life essence? He can steal it through any trauma point or open door into someone's life--- in some cases this could be pre-conception when we are only a human spirit. Any open door (into the supernatural) is subject for him to take what doesn't belong to him.

What do we need essence for? We need it to thrive. We need it to connect. We need it to create. We need it to become the fullest measure of all that God created each one of us to be.

Once essence has been returned, how do we protect it from being stolen again? Through our arche, angels on assignment and weapons of warfare.

What has my life looked like since I’ve gained some of my life essence back? I’ve felt fuller, brighter and mainly more on top of what I’m doing than ever before. There’s also been a serious shift in the spirit realm around me that is giving me a new level of confidence that I didn't have before.

Most importantly, I feel like I am beginning to thrive in life! I feel like I can now go forward with my anointing and my essence and really, truly bring forth the dreams and visions inside of me. I don't feel like I am missing key elements anymore. Missing the key elements of anointing and essence were producing a lifestyle of striving, not thriving. In the past, I've felt like, "It doesn't matter how many things I do, it still feels like it's not enough. I still feel exhausted and like I am striving to fulfill the task at hand." However, over the past three weeks, I've begun to feel a difference. I feel a shift. I feel a serious breaking point has begun because I am breaking through into the realm and reality where I am to thrive in life.

Since every one of us is missing life essence in some capacity, I encourage you to ask Holy Spirit to reveal the areas you are missing yours. If you need help regaining it back, please reach out to me. I'd love to help you move forward! 🌱


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