Reclaiming Hope

The focal point of my life over the past three weeks has revolved around conversing with Holy Spirit about the multi-faceted, illuminating gemstone of hope.

In the midst of my conversations, I’ve found myself constantly asking, “How does Satan steal hope? How does this flesh out in the spiritual? What does the transaction look like in real time?”

To which, Holy Spirit has answered.

“Satan makes a trade with you. In a moment of trauma, heartbreak and pain, you unknowingly trade your seeds of hope away for fear, doubt and unbelief.

He makes the trade so fast that you don't even know the deed has been done. Plus, without a release of revelation into your life, he knows you will never know his sneaky trade happened. Meaning it can take your entire lifetime to gain it back. He's so crafty with this. He's so good about taking what doesn't belong to him."

Then I asked, “But, what is he doing with the hope he steals?”

Holy Spirit said, "He's mining essence. Hope is expectancy for future essence or light. Hope contains facets of essence. It contains light-wave frequency. Satan is stealing essence or light-wave frequency when he steals hope. You see he needs that hope because he doesn’t have any of his own. He needs you to trade with him so then you won't achieve whatever it is you're expectant for.

Upon a moment of trauma, you react out of shock and disbelief, and then he takes your higher frequency (faith, hope and/or love) and replaces it with a lower frequency (fear, doubt and/or unbelief).

Amanda, the frequency of hope is a high-dwelling frequency because, again, it is the expectancy for future essence.”

After He told me this, I sat with His words for a day or so as I examined my life for moments of trauma. I was looking for moments that triggered me to trade my hope in an area for fear, doubt and unbelief. Each time I found an area, I would ask, “Do I need to open a court case to reclaim my hope in this area?” And, every time, He would say, “Yes.” So, I would go to the court of reclamations in the courts of Heaven and open a case for my hope.

Now, what’s interesting to me is how my focus has shifted since reclaiming my hope. For several months my focus has revolved around breakthrough; however, somewhere within the moments of reclaiming my hope, my focus has shifted. I no longer feel desperate about breakthrough. Instead, I feel completely hopeful for it. I feel expectant that it will continue to flow as I move forward in faith.


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