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Submit... for Increased Authority

Updated: Jan 26

If Holy Spirit sat you down and showed you the entire game plan for your life, would you believe Him? If you did believe Him, would you wonder the process it would take to become this version of yourself? Would you wonder it so much that all of the wondering produced a series of questions from within?


Now, say He started to reveal answers to your questions by uncovering one single, highly orchestrated step at a time. And, with the uncovering of each step, you would have to choose to trust Him by simply promising to always take the step and live at the edge of your faith.


It often seems somewhat simple in that lucid moment when your spirit is forward. However, once the spirit steps back, that moment is over and it’s back to a life of cloudiness and constantly wondering, “How will I get to the next step?”


Now, you might be wondering… Why did the spirit step back? Well because you weren’t refined, developed, grown, or mature enough for it to live at the surface of you yet. So, instead, you are bombarded by your heart and soul realms on a regular basis.


In order to operate from the spirit more, Holy Spirit will ask you to submit. Submit your time, your energy, your thoughts, your emotions, your pain and your trauma… Submit them all in order to spend time with Him, learning how to live from the human spirit. Learning how to cultivate a lifestyle that will help you fully walk out the game plan He revealed to you.


Before coming into the new year, I knew within myself that I would have to submit more. More time, more energy, more of my thoughts and emotions to the game plan He planted inside of my heart so long ago. I knew it so well that I began to ask in December, “What will I need to submit to in order to gain more authority so that I can move forward with where you are leading?”


Because Holy Spirit is very communicative, especially when you ask Him questions from all angles, He laid out several places in my inner world where I could submit. He said, “Your focus will be paramount coming into the new year. If you want increased spiritual authority in areas, then you must submit more of your focus. I need more of your thought life.


Amanda, greater authority is granted when you choose to submit and then overcome the things you’ve submitted too. The more submissive you can be within your own heart and soul this year, the more your authority will grow in the spirit realm.


Also, it would be best for you to approach the concept of submission with honor. Don’t think from a place of sacrifice. That only pisses the soul off and really stirs your heart up in a negative way. Instead, switch your focus to honor. Honor will guide you forward in a smoother way.


Remember I told you before that honor is higher than sacrifice. It comes from a place of respect. You need to move into this year with a willingness to respect and honor Me and what I am doing in your life and through your life.


If you can choose to look at the submission of your focus from a place of honor towards Me, then it will be simpler to be submissive in moments where your heart and soul begin to waiver.


And then, then you will be able to ascend higher in the spirit with the allotted authority I have laid out for you to possess.”


Since He shared this with me, I’ve been heavily examining the stance of my heart when I’m choosing to submit my focus. In these moments, I find myself making sure my heart’s stance is coming from a place of honor over sacrifice.


It’s not that sacrifice isn’t important. It’s more that honor is paramount to sacrifice. We should sacrifice the self-will of the heart and soul because we honor Him.


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