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The Judgment Thieving My Joy

As I’ve painstakingly pressed my way into the first two months of this year, I’ve begun to ask Holy Spirit, “What is it that you want uprooted from me next? It seems as though the dying mindsets we focused on in January and February have been uprooted and tended to. I feel a very significant shift as I’ve entered March. I feel like my heart and soul have received such an upgrade. It feels good in my space. My inner world has such a visceral increase of peace and joy.

Holy Spirit said, "Your heart needs more tending to in the area of comparison and the critical spirit you direct towards others. I want that comparison. I want the judgement. I want to dig it up and do away with it for good.

Amanda, comparison is the thief of joy. You are being thieved from when you begin to compare yourself to someone else.

When your soul begins to feel small, insecure and insignificant, it then aligns itself with jealousy and envy. In the midst of that process, the kingdom of darkness begins to deposit seeds of judgement inside of your heart. So, you willingly open your heart up to judgment and the criticism of others when you are jealous and envious. Then your heart gets in a cycle of measuring yourself to others.

Let me ask you this. Who are you currently in a cycle of comparing yourself to right now?"

I responded, “Hmmm.... right now... You know I don't even know how to answer this question properly.”

He said, "Okay, then who or what is stealing your joy?”

I said, “Well.... I guess my joy is stolen when I begin to feel like my difference makes me small and insignificant. My soul sizes itself up to what it sees in the tangible world. My soul often forgets that my inner world and the growth of my spirit is much more important and valuable than my outer world and the accumulation of resources it does or does not have. Then, my soul begins to trick parts of my heart into believing a lie that goes something like this. ‘Your inner world’s peace and joy isn’t enough.’”

Holy Spirit responded, "But do you see that your difference isn’t causing death inside of you at all? Focusing on your inner world over your outer world is a different approach to living. It doesn’t make you small and insignificant, and it surely should never make you feel insecure. Instead, it more so makes the way you live inverted. You are living in an upside-down world because your focus is centered on the unseen realms and dimensions of life that you access through your spirit via Holy Spirit.

Now, let me ask you this. Did I ever ask you to judge someone else’s fruit? NO. I did not. So then why, why do you do it? Why do you allow your soul to become consumed with something that has absolutely nothing to do with you? Why do you allow it to offend you? Why do you allow the increase of others bother you so much? Their increase is none of your business. Instead, you should be focused on the path in front of you. You should be looking at your personal relationship with refinement, development, growth and maturity. You should be looking at how I am teaching you how to expand your inner world to the point that it gradually and sometimes forcefully leaks into your your outer world. The more you focus on what we’ve got going on, the less joy the enemy can thieve from you.

You see, this comes down to seeds of life and death again. Who is doing the planting? Is it me or is it your enemy? You must continue to allow yourself to be aligned with me and what I am aiming to plant inside of you.

Right now, you have judgmental seeds planted in your heart. They need to be uprooted.”

After Holy Spirit shared this with me, I saw myself standing inside of a giant court room with gray-blue, gold-leafed columns that spanned for miles. I approached the court and:

  • Repented for the jealousy, envy and covetousness I engaged in.

  • Asked my angels to uproot the seeds of judgment and criticism the enemy planted inside of the grounds of my heart.

  • Requested that every worker in the kingdom of darkness who participated in the act of sewing these death-giving seeds into my heart be taken before the feet of Jesus for questioning.

  • Asked my angels to clean up the debris in my heart and begin to realign my frequencies.

  • Requested that my angels would be released to plant seeds of peace, love and joy into the freshly tilled grounds of my heart where the judgment and criticism were formally planted.


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