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Found in the Depths of Perseverance

Last week I shared about a place deep inside of me that causes me to question, “Who am I?” I told you that, every spring, I find myself jockeying with the reality that Holy Spirit is opening up something deeper inside of me.

I explained how my inner world holds so much about me, but I have to journey to the center to be able to receive more.

In saying all of this, I wanted to share truth with you that has been opened up to me. The intriguing thing about this truth is that it applies to all of us on a very deeply spiritual level.


In the depths of perseverance, the angel of the Spirit of Truth handed me a key, I took it in my hand and used it to unlock more of what was inside of me. Unsure of what I would find, I anticipated much for I was told that grandiose and poshness awaited me.

Suddenly a door appeared and he motioned for me to unlock it and enter. Immediately, I saw so much growth everywhere. Trees that spanned for miles high into the sky. Then I thought, “This is preconception growth, isn't it? I feel that it is. I feel that this growth took place inside of my spirit a long time ago... Like before it came to earth… But now, I have access to it. Ummm… it seems new to me, but feels old. It feels familiar, like we've been one in the same for a while.”

The angel then looked at me and said, "Amanda, those are the areas you've persevered through in the past. Yes, preconception. They are a driving, motivating force inside of you that keeps you going. You just haven't known or understood that they existed in this way until now."

I said, “Why are they being revealed to me? Why does the King want me to see all of this? What is the purpose of it all?”

The angel responded, "He wants you to engage with it. You need to pull the deep resources and deposits of revelation from it. You need it now. The earth needs it now. The heavens need it now. You must pursue this revelation now. It is necessary for forward movement."

I then asked, “What will I learn?”

The angel smiled and said, "You will learn and very quickly understand deeper truths about cultivation and being in Jesus. Amanda, Jesus is life. He is essence or light-wave frequency in its fullest form, way and manner. You must exist in him always. You must persevere in him always.

Now, strip back what your soul knows about Jesus as a body. Take the body away from Jesus. Take the skin away from Jesus. Don't look at that at all. What do you see?"

I said, “I see a giant realm. It looks like a bright, shiny dome. It has the brightest light I’ve ever seen. I don't see a person though. I just see a realm. I see a life-giving realm. The entire circular dome is radiating the most intense energy. It's very dimensional and very sentient. I think it might be more sentient than anything I've ever experienced.

So, I am seeing that Jesus, or better translated "savior," is a climate. He is an environment and a posture.”

The angel replied, "Amanda, it’s true. He isn't a person. He was a person. Jesus, as a realm, put on skin. He was placed inside of a vessel called skin or body. Yes, people do see Jesus in skin form, and he does look like a man, but there is so much more understanding because he isn’t a body. Instead, he is an entire realm or kingdom. He is the entirety of that bright, light dome that you see. And, because you have received his light, your spirit now dwells inside of that bright, light dome.

Now, for a moment, I want you to think of him as you think of a large body of water like the ocean. Pretend Jesus or savior is the ocean. You know that the ocean covers so much space. It has a lot of things going on inside of it. It is a realm or a kingdom. It has its own ecosystem and life growing inside of it. Jesus/Savior is like the ocean.

You see ocean from shore and know that it is ocean, but you understand that there is more to ocean. You understand that ocean has many different rules and guidelines that govern it. You understand that it must stay within its boundaries because it is ocean and not land. You also understand that there are times when ocean comes on shore more and covers more land.

Jesus as savior is ocean. He contains the climate of salvation, light and eternal life. Just like ocean contains the climate for fish and other life-forms to thrive in. Fish don't exist in the oxygen. They have to have water, which ocean provides for them.

You enter into Jesus or savior by choosing his light. You are choosing to walk into him. Just like you would choose to go into ocean. The more time you spend in Jesus, as a giant dimensional, domed space and realm, the more that you understand the culture of his climate. You adjust to him and begin to conform to the culture of his kingdom and government of authority.

Now, your spirit is made to dwell inside of Jesus or savior. Your spirit is made to dwell inside of salvation because your spirit is created to dwell inside of light and eternal life. You need your spirit to always be in light and eternal life. It will begin to languish and suffer without being inside of that climate.

So, you are dwelling inside of Jesus or salvation, but then you must grow just like fish must grow in the ocean. You must consume nutrients that possess the quality to develop, grow and mature.”

And… with that, the angel of the Spirit of Truth looked at me and said, “That’s all I have to share with you for now. Be prepared to pursue and encounter more truth like this in the coming days. Allow this to really marinate inside of you.”


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