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Press & Pull for the Glory

On January 31st, I saw an angel in the spirit who looked familiar. On February 1st, I looked again and saw her… An angel my sister painted five years ago. She didn’t give me her name, but she had what looked like “glory bombs” in her hands. They looked like sacks of glitter gold, waiting to explode onto the scene at the right time. As I continued to watch her, she bent down and carefully placed each glory bomb into a river. The river looked like a thin blue and white tube that swirled downward as it exited the 3rd Heaven and made its way down into the 2nd Heaven and then eventually to the Earth realm.

When I asked her who she was, she said, “I am a glory angel. It’s time for the glory of Yahweh to flow. You’re going to see an uptick of glory flowing into your life and the lives of those around you. I am on assignment to deliver revelation to you about the glory of Yahweh. As the revelation flows into you, make sure you ask questions about the things your soul has a difficult time processing. I am here to deliver a flow of glory into your life.”

From that point, revelation about the glory of Yahweh started to flow. I would find myself containing some of the most intriguing thoughts I’ve ever encountered. And, when my soul found itself having a difficult time processing, Holy Spirit would remind me to “ask the glory angel how to proceed.”

As the months have passed, I’ve been solely focused on glory and all of its nuances. It’s been an excavation my soul wasn’t prepared for, but my spirit has continued to assure me that I am right where I am supposed to be.

To explain what I’ve learned would probably take more than this writing alone, so I am going to share some of the highlights I’ve gained so far.

At our core, we are human spirits, having an earthly experience. In this earthly experience, our goal is to connect to the presence of God and then become a purified vessel that can carry, steward and express His glory in the Earth realm.

And, while our quest to contain God’s glory takes an awful lot of perseverance, I am learning that it is the noblest quest we can go on. I believe the glory of Yahweh is the most precious substance we will ever carry. It’s actually so rare that God requires us to go through the stages of cultivation multiple times to reach it. And, just when we think it’s time for Him to pour this priceless substance out, He asks that we walk through a refiner’s fire to receive it. It’s as if He says, “One more walk through the flames. It won’t kill you. It will purify you in a deeper way so that you can withstand the weight of Me.”

So, we follow Him through this refiner’s fire. We persevere one more time, hoping this will be the final press for the glory He’s been promising we will carry, steward and express.

Last week, Holy Spirit told me, “Amanda, I need you to press. Press very, very, very hard into this revelation and you will have a flow of glory that is so quick and so well spread. Press very, very, very hard."

I responded back, “I feel like I have been pressing very, very, very hard for many, many months. I don't know how I could possibly press any harder. Maybe there is a different way of pressing hard into this.... Could you show me?”

He said, "You need to speak it out with your words and your mouth. You literally have to pull the glory down from the heavens with your mouth. Glory responses to the frequency and vibration of your speech. This revelation isn't like the past revelation you've received... This is why there has been somewhat of a cluster trying to receive it. You have to use the frequency of your mouth. Your words... They charge the atmosphere and pull the revelation of glory and the glory itself downwards.

Amanda, this revelation is alive and active. Press and pull for it."

So, that’s exactly what I’ve been doing. I’ve been using my mouth. I’ve been speaking about the glory in the most creative ways possible. I guess this writing is one of those ways. It’s an attempt to continue to follow what He’s been speaking to me.

What a thrilling reality… to see the manifested glory of Yahweh expressed in the Earth realm in the time and age we are living in right now. I believe it will be different than what we’ve seen or heard of in the past. I believe He is doing something so unique through so many right now. And, if we can just stay focused on our individual paths, I believe He will continue to pull us in closer to Him, as He leads us through the stages of cultivation… Healing us. Freeing us. And eventually bringing us into a refiner’s fire so we are prepared to carry, steward and express the weight of His presence in a way we’ve never seen before.


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