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The Continual Pursuit of Breakthrough

Do you ever envision the person you’re becoming? I do. I have for years.

Imagine it… Truly confident and free in all areas of life. Full of joy and true satisfaction. Emanating light as you walk in the abundance of what your human spirit has been sent to Earth to do.

Now, if you’re continuously pursuing healing and freedom then you’ll understand the person you’re becoming is molded through the process. Every time a piece of us (spirit, soul, heart and/or body) receives healing and freedom from our broken and oppressed parts, we are thrust into greater alignment with the person we were created to be.

However, in order to get to the place of healing and freedom, we have to experience breakthrough. We have to be completely joined with a moment that produces a sudden and sometimes dramatic discovery or development inside of us.

Once this “sudden” moment happens… Boom. We’ve broken through. We’ve crossed over into a new land.

Now, sometimes breakthrough can cause momentary drama. We might feel overwhelmed with a piece of truth we’ve encountered or maybe the breakthrough is so large it shifts our world into an entirely new dimension. A dimension so different that it calls out, “life will never be the same.”

Breakthrough is Hingy

Recently, Holy Spirit said, "Breakthrough is hingy. It hinges on a lot of choices you do and do not make. Often times, you need to continue to press to see breakthrough in an area of life. Breakthrough demands that you live at the edge of your faith... Constantly pushing the boundaries as you allow Me to heal you and bring greater levels of freedom.

You must be hingy when breakthrough happens because you have to be ready to go. You have to be prepared for the changes that are occurring. Sometimes breakthrough happens and life pivots faster than maybe you were prepared for. It's just a giant pivot and then you have to become comfortable with that pivot.”

Breakthrough is Gradual

For me… I am always pursuing breakthrough. Why? Well, because of what I mentioned above. I want to continue to become truly confident and free, and full of joy and true satisfaction. I want to emanate an abundance of light as I fulfill my purpose.

Which is why I believe breakthrough is gradual. We should continuously be breaking through in areas of life because we should constantly be in the process of cultivation. We should constantly be open to refinement, development, growth and maturity.

When we are cultivating life, we have a constant hope to break into the next. We constantly desire to move from glory to glory (or from a greater level of God’s light, presence, and power to a greater level of God’s light, presence, and power).

When we experience a greater glory, the self we were before the breakthrough is lifted up from a shade of darkness and then thrust into a new dimension of light. Because of the breakthrough, we now dwell with more light than we did before. We are now carrying a higher grade and quality of the presence of God than we were before because our brokenness has been mended and our oppression has been lifted up and flushed out through the power of Holy Spirit.


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