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How does one know they’ve transitioned from a stage of growth to a stage of maturity in an area of life? Is the transition obvious? Or, does it quietly make its way onto the scene?

For the past 20 days, I haven’t felt like me. Actually, I’ve felt almost disconnected from myself. Some days, I’ve walked in circles in my mind questioning, “Why do I feel so different on the inside? Where did my edge go? Did it disappear? If it did disappear, where did it go?”

After thinking on these questions for several days, Holy Spirit finally helped me realize the truth I needed to receive. He said, “You’ve entered a new, but different stage of maturity. You’ve gone from a place of rapid and significant growth to a place of rapid and significant maturity. You haven’t lost your edge. Instead, you’ve leaned deeper into you. You’ve embraced more of who you are from a dimensional perspective. And, in doing so, you are no longer striving to have edge as you follow me. Instead, you are edgy. You are powerful. You are you. You are the you I designed you to be. It’s just been a journey and a process of getting to this place of maturity.

It's kind of like a kid dressed as Superman verses the actual Superman. For a long time, you’ve been the kid dressed up as Superman. You’ve been trying to prove who you are. But now, now you have gracefully transitioned into being Superman. The thing with Superman is, he doesn’t try to be himself. He is just himself. That’s what you’ve stepped into. You are just yourself.

This is why you’re questioning, ‘where did my edge go?’ Before you were striving to become a child of God who rules and reigns with dominion, power and authority from heaven above. However, now… Now you’ve truly pressed past the place of striving to prove who you are. Instead, you are fully being who you are in a very unapologetic way.”

Then I said, “This is new for me. It is a different territory than I’ve ever known before. There is so much ease to just being, rather than striving to be. Plus, the goodness of God is everywhere. It almost feels palpable.”


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