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Waiting On the Corner Pieces

Over the past several months, writing anything worth publishing has felt like the most challenging task for me. It’s not that I don’t have anything to express. It’s more so that I don’t know how to communicate my expression. I sit down every morning with Holy Spirit and take notes, but, when I get ready to fully process what I’m receiving, there’s a disconnect. It’s as if I don’t have the critical, corner pieces to this giant puzzle He’s steadily feeding me.

So, I sit back and breathe a huge sigh of frustration, knowing I can’t advance any further until I have those critical, corner pieces. The puzzle has to be whole. It must be complete. It cannot lack anything.

Now, waiting for the corner pieces hasn’t been the worst. I do feel a sense of patience that I haven’t been able to access before; however, I still find myself wanting to express the pieces I’ve been given.

Here’s my processing so far…

At our core, we are human spirits, having an earthly experience. In this earthly experience, our goal is to connect to the presence of God and then become a vessel that can carry, steward and express His glory.

How does one do such a thing? Well, I believe that is the purpose of cultivation. When our faith and hope is paired with our relationship with Holy Spirit, He begins to consistently work in us as He refines us, develops us, grows us and matures us: spirit, soul, heart and body. He isn’t aiming for perfection. Instead, He is aiming for wholeness and purity. His goal is to mold us into a vessel that has the capacity to carry the weight of God’s glory.

Now, glory isn’t thrust on and in us all at once. Instead, it is a gradual process. It takes time and intense edification. Why? Well, because He needs our broken pieces and parts truly freed and healed. He needs the deepest, darkest parts of us (yes, even the generational iniquitous ones) integrated and whole. He cannot pour the weight of His glory into a busted vessel that will leak every which way without an ordained direction.

Here’s what I still have to process…

Why do we need to carry His glory? In this moment, I believe our purpose of carrying it is to bring healing, wholeness and alignment to the heavens and the earth. I believe each one of us has a dimensionally, cosmic role to play in walking out the fullness of the finished works of Jesus. But, we cannot walk out that fullness without being stretched to the edges of our faith. Moment by moment, we should increasingly find ourselves more dialed into the spirit realm, listening intently for what Holy Spirit is saying and then asking Him:

  • How will you refine areas of my spirit, soul, heart, and/or body today?

  • How can I develop into more of a spirit forward being who is willing to exercise my power, authority and dominion in the heavens and the earth?

  • Where are you growing me next, and can there please be ease in the growth?

  • When the maturing season comes: Can you please help me have the discernment to perceive its presence, and the patience and persistence to walk it out in its fullness?


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