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Step Out and Cross Over

In my last writing, I shared about a dream I was working to make sense of. In the dream, I understood I would need to find my ”running shoes,” and then press into more intimacy with Holy Spirit in order to “run the next leg” of the journey.


Over the past several days, I’ve been asking Him more intent questions about these shoes. With time, He’s shown me that the shoes are a representation of peace. He’s needing me to lean into Him to gain a firmer stance in peace.


Why do I need a firmer stance in peace?


Well, I am learning that the place He is stepping me into will require me to be immovable under pressure. Do I know what the pressure is yet? No. No, I do not know. Instead, I have to trust Him. I have to trust that He knows what the pressure is and when it will begin.


In my eagerness to encounter the pressure and test out the shoes of peace, I had a vision. In the vision, I saw myself standing on top of a large mountain range getting ready to cross over to another range that was about a football field’s distance away. While watching myself examine the two mountain ranges, I heard Holy Spirit say, “Step out and the ground will appear.” Nervous, I watched myself take a step out. As my foot touched the empty air, a path appeared. As I looked closer, the path wasn’t floating in the air. Instead, the path spanned all the way down to where the bottom of the two mountain ranges stopped, but… it was in another dimension!!


So, in one dimension, it looked like I was walking on thin air between the mountain tops, but in the other dimension, you could clearly see that I was just crossing over on firm land between the mountain tops.


As I watched the intriguing spiritual phenomenon, I was amazed at how confident and at peace I was crossing from one side to the other. I was certain the ground was underneath me, even though, with the naked eye, you couldn’t see the ground at all.


Then I heard Holy Spirit. He said, “You must stay spirit forward as you continue to cross over into the next leg of the journey. You must trust and have peace in the truth that your spirit’s feet are firmly planted on the ground in the other dimension. In the physical, it won’t look like you are on firm ground. It will look like thin air, and it might even seem silly to some. However, in the spirit, you will be walking on firm ground. Your feet will be firmly planted in Me.


Amanda, the range I am about to walk you out onto is going to seem completely opaque to the naked eye and somewhat unfamiliar to your naked eye. I know it might feel strange for your soul, but you need to simply follow the ground as it appears in front of your spirit. Your spirit is ready to walk across the flat surface in front of it.”


After He said these things, I mulled them over them in depth. It was intriguing to my soul. The thought that my soul would appear to be walking on thin air, but my spirit would see the truth. My spirit would see the reality of ground below its feet.


The more I thought about it, the more I realized this actually happens every time we step out onto the edge of our faith. Our souls are so unsure of the “thin air” they are about to step onto. They don’t understand how the path will just appear. However, the spirit knows the path is there. The spirit understands the quantum realty of what it has encountered. It understands its role is to simply walk across the path and make sure the soul stays in submission as the walk happens.


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