The Resistance & Hope

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When I was 19-years-old, Holy Spirit taught me the importance of asking a question. He would say, “Toss your question out into the universe with the frequency of your voice. Speak it out loud and then pay attention for the various answers that return to you.”

Today, I stand firm in my process and belief. To me, questions are like seeds in the ground that produce a great harvest of answers.

So, it should come as no surprise that, when placed in a very challenging situation, I start asking loads of questions. Lately, I’ve found myself hovering around one specific topic: resistance. I do not understand the resistance that surrounds me in the supernatural, nor do I completely understand how to properly resist it back.

So, I’ve been asking Holy Spirit, “How do I resist my spiritual enemies? How do I properly become a stronger conduit of resistance towards darkness? What is the key to unlocking this answer?”

After about two weeks of repeatedly asking the same questions, the answers began to reveal themselves.

It all started with a conversation I had about unbelief, which quickly trailed into a realization that unbelief is directly connected to hope.

Then, everywhere I went I saw the word “hope.”

Finally, I told Holy Spirit, “Okay!! Okay! You’ve caught my attention! I cannot unsee hope! It is the key I’ve been looking for!!”

He said, “Amanda, hope creates a force that causes doubt, fear and unbelief to fade away. Fear and unbelief cause doubt inside of you. They dismantle the life-giving, life-altering frequencies of hope. Your entire being is designed to operate with the frequency of hope. Hope is essential to faith because without hope faith cannot be processed. What faith sees as now, hope sees as future.

Now, I know you are challenged in several areas of life right now. You’ve told Me over and over, ‘I have faith for this! I am not lacking faith! So, what is the deal?! What is the hang up?!’ But I am posing a question to you, where is your hope for the things you have faith for? How are you using your mouth? Is it aligned with the frequency of hope?

Amanda, life-giving words feed hope which feeds faith. Even if you don’t fully believe what you’re speaking out, speak out words of hope that continue to build your faith. It’s important to align your frequencies with hope and faith.

Also, ask the frequency of hope to intermingle itself within your being. Ask that the entity of hope would walk with you. And, as you walk with hope in a closer, more intimate way, don’t forget to be still and rest. I know you like to be doing all the time, but, often in the still moments of rest, hope will release life-altering frequencies into challenging situations believed hopeless.”

After He said all of this, I sat back in amazement. If you had asked me before if I was hopeful, I would’ve pridefully and ignorantly said, “yes.” However, I didn’t have any true concept of hope. I didn’t realize that I needed to be aligned with it in a deeper way because it would help me resist darkness.

So, now, when I feel darkness projecting fear, doubt and unbelief at my being, I begin to speak out life-giving frequencies. I don’t buy into the madness of fear, which produces anxiety and stress. No, instead I am determined to resist those toxic things and align my mouth with life-giving statements I know to be true about the challenging situation I am in. And then, then I sit back and rest. I don’t overwork my thoughts or my emotions. And I don’t do more physical work in attempt to crush the fear. No, instead I just remain still and rest in the hope and faith. 🌱


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